Monday, 8 January 2018

GNW Russians II

As I am still awaiting an order from Roundway I've been rummaging amongst the unpainted lead to put together a couple of Russian battalions to get this project started. First up is a battalion of the Prebrazhenski guard. Not sure of the make of the troopers but the command are Donnington. The second unit is the first battalion of the Siberski regiment. These are a mix of Roundway, Warrior and Dixon's. The uniform for these were conflicting between red and green coats. I plumbed for red.

These did make nice change from cavalry. What with painting the Poles and some Russian and Danish Dragoons I'd be happy if I didn't see another cavalry figure for a while. Not to be as I've got some Horse grenadiers on the painting table now.

Monday, 1 January 2018

GNW Russians I

So first post of the year is of the last figures I painted in 2017. They are for the start of my Russian army for 1708 onwards. My earlier Russian troops for the auxiliary corps in Saxon service will be kept separate.

First up is 3 squadrons of the Moscovoski Dragon regiment. The figures are from Warrior miniatures.

Next up is what all Russian armies need, namely artillery. So 2 batteries of medium guns already completed. I do have some mortars to add and intend to get some light guns as well. The figures again are from Warrior miniatures.

Medium artillery
Rummaging in my remaining figures I can add a Guard infantry battalion (nearly completed), 2 infantry battalions and 3 squadrons each of Dragoons and Horse grenadiers. These will keep me going until a small order from Roundway arrives with 4 more infantry battalions and some mounted colonels and Generals for some command groups.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017 a review

First off I just want to thank everyone who follows this blog. Your comments are appreciated so thanks again and I hope 2018 is a good year for you all.

So onto the review. On the painting front this has been a very productive year. At about the end of July I had high hopes of painting well over 1000 figures but found my painting time much reduce when the family increased with a new dog. Still 990 figures painted is a good total, broken down as follows

12 x 15mm artillery
528 x 15mm infantry
315 x 15mm mounted
1 x 28mm artillery
125 x 28mm infantry
9 x 28mm mounted

So what did I actually paint? The bulk of the year has been spent on the Great Northern War. I added some extra troops to the Swedes and completed both a Danish and Polish army.

For other periods I painted up some figures for Rogue Stars as well as some Dwarves for my old warhammer army. I then moved on to some 28mm Napoleonic, putting together an Austrian force for Sharp Practice.

On the gaming front there have been a couple of notable games. The main one being a re fight of Klissow. Definitely one crossed off the bucket list. There were also the final 2 battles of a campaign against Mick for the WSS which brought it to a close and victory to me. Finally there were a couple of games of warhammer 3rd edition, very nostalgic and gave me a real buzz.

Finally this year I seem to have settled on a set of rules for the Napoleonic wars, General d'armee. I really like  these rules and I'm looking forward to getting some more games in next year.

Looking ahead for next year I have a planned GNW campaign against Mick, Still a couple of units to finish off. I am also looking to put together a Russian force for the GNW. I see this as more long term,  I'll just keep adding a few units every now and then and see what I end up with. I also quite fancy a change from horse and musket back to ancients with some 15mm Romans for Caesar's conquest of Gaul. No doubt I will get side tracked by something else.

Have a great New Year everyone.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

GNW Danes and Poles

With the upcoming campaign against Mick next year I am trying to finish off the last few figures that I need. First off is the Danish dragoon regiment Sjaellandske-Fynske. This was a national dragoon regiment raised in 1701 before converting to a Cuirassier regiment in 1714. This does mean that the Danes are now complete.

The figures for this unit are all from Roundway. The flag is a simple hand painted design.

Next up is 2 battalions of generic Polish infantry.  The figures for these are Essex.

With these done that just leaves a Russian Dragoon regiment, 2 Russian batteries and 2 regiments of Cossacks to complete. Should be done in time.

Saturday, 9 December 2017


I know that back in May I stated that my GNW Danish army was complete, well it seems it's not. As I was organising my armies for a GNW campaign against Mick next year I realised I needed a couple of extra Dragoon regiments.

So here is the first of the new additions, three squadrons of the Jydske National dragoon regiment. This regiment was later converted to a Cuirassier regiment in 1710 before being disbanded in 1721.

The figures are all from the Roundway range. As I couldn't source a flag for this regiment I went for a simple white field with gold trim and a Danish cross in the top left. Now on to the Sjaellandske National Dragoons and then the army is finished.

Saturday, 25 November 2017


Finally the last of my Polish horse are completed. These have taken much longer than normal as I've been working long hours and didn't feel much like painting.

These are my third regiment of dragoons. Again I have mixed figures from Essex and Legio Herico. Adds a bit of variety to the unit.

Polish dragoons
Polish dragoons
For a slight change from the previous 2 regiments I went for buff coats with green turn backs.

Looking forward I need to make a decision. I do have a couple of horse regiment's to add to both the Swedes and Danes as well as a couple of Polish infantry battalions. This will give me more than enough figures to field the following armies; Saxons, Swedes, Danes and Poles. I also have the Russian Auxiliary Corps, some Cossacks and Turkish Janissary's. However I do not have a Russian army, pretty remiss as they are one of the main protagonists. I do not want to commit to re fighting a battle like Poltava as that is a lot of Russians to buy and paint. Ideally I would like enough for club games like 20 - 25 infantry battalions and some supporting dragoons and artillery. Well I've got Christmas to mull this over.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

GNW Swedes VI

Yet another addition to my slowly expanding Swedish forces. Again this is another regiment raised in the Baltic states, Nieroth. Once again uniform details are very sketchy so I went with the grey coats again. This time I did the turn backs in blue for a little variety. The advantage of having the 3 regiments in grey coats with just simple Colonel colours means they can morph into any Tremanning regiment I might need for a scenario.

Nieroth infantry regiment

Nieroth infantry regiment in line
I've now started some work on the last 2 Swedish horse regiments and some Polish Dragoons.